Visitor Protocol

Procedures for ALL visitors

Face to face visitations to school are not encouraged according to our School’s Risk Assessment, except in the case of emergencies for example plumbers, electricians, IT support, essential staff (school nurse, social workers, professionals providing support for SEND pupils) etc.


  • Wherever possible, visits to school should be pre-arranged with a member of the CLT or Early Years SENDco
  • Upon entry to school, visitors will be asked if they are displaying any Covid-19 symptoms
  • In line with NHS test and trace guidance, if you test positive for Coronavirus, you must share information promptly about your recent contacts through the NHS test and trace service to help them alert other people who may need to self-isolate
  • PPE should be worn if allowed entry to any of our buildings, particularly those visiting multiple settings.
  • If conducting a class visit-these should be less than 15 minutes in duration
  • All visitors must report to our main reception area in the Crescent or Court Building and not enter the school via any other entrance
  • At reception, all visitors should explain the purpose of their visit and who has invited them. They should be ready to produce formal identification.
  • All Merton Council staff should show their photo ID card.
  • All visitors will be asked to sign into our electronic recording system (Inventory) which will include a photograph of the visitor being taken.
  • If the visitor is part of a large group of visitors a separate register may be utilised
  • A visitor’s badge should be worn and displayed prominently.
  • Visitors should wait in the reception area until they are met by an appropriate member of staff to be escorted to their destination.
  • All visitors should be accompanied by a member of staff. Visitors should not be alone with pupils/children unless this is a legitimate part of their role for example a social worker seeing a child and the school has assured itself that the visitor has had the appropriate DBS check
  • If visitors find they are alone with pupils/children they should report to a member of staff or reception. This should be explained to visitors.
  • Upon departing the school, visitors should leave via reception, sign out of the building, and leave the premises immediately.
  • School reception staff should check the ‘in – out’ records regularly to monitor compliance with these procedures.



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